Monday, December 4, 2006

Sean Lennon Interview, Cut Parts

Instead of having these questions go to waste, I thought I would publish them here, there are still some interesting parts, although the best parts were put into the article.

Scott Bolohan: How has the tour been going?
Sean Lennon: Really, really great actually. I only have one show tonight in Seattle before I take a break. It’s our last show tonight and it’s been really fun.
SB: What’s been your favorite song to perform?
SL: Probably “Would I be the One” and “Falling Out of Love.”
SB: Why’s that?
SL: Because they have some really, like, rockin’ sections in the outro that are fun to play.
SB: What’s the best concert that you’ve ever personally attended?
SL: Probably Pink Floyd The Wall, when I was really young, that famous tour when they had the painting? stuff that came down in the back of Madison Square Garden, you know, all the special effects and stuff. It was awesome.
SB: After you’ve been collaborating with other artists for many years, what made you come back to make your solo album?
SL: I don’t know. Things just came together. It just kind of organically evolved, naturally. I don’t know what made me do it. It’s not like I didn’t have songs before, I could have been making records every two years. I didn’t want to for some reason, and then for whatever reason I had the right circumstances, right people around, and it just felt right and it just happened, and now I have one.
SB: In the future, do you think you’ll be releasing albums on a more regular basis?
SL: I hope so. I’m not sure, but I’d like that to be the case.
SB: Did you have to learn how to fence for the video?
SL: Yes I did.
SB: With people like you and Beck using video to accompany the album, do you see this as a direction that music is going, especially in the age of music piracy?
SL: I kind of feel like visualism and audio are going to merge even more in the future simply because of technology.
SB: Is there a relationship between your art and your music?
SL: Yeah, of course.
SB: Many people start bands to meet girls, make money, or get famous, what drew you into music?
SL: Definitely not that. I think it was the challenge, it was the hardest thing I could do with my life, so I did it.
SB: Did you have any formal training in music?
SL: No, I was self taught.
SB: Bands like the Rolling Stones and Brian Wilson are in their 60’s and still making music and touring, do you see yourself still doing music when you’re in your 60’s?
SL: Well, yeah. I just hope I make it to being old, it’s kind of thinking far ahead, but yeah I don’t want to look like an idiot when I’m playing new songs.
SB: Any plans for 2007?
SL: I’m going to be touring. Touring, touring, touring.