Friday, May 15, 2009


I have one month left until graduation, crazy. I'm not looking forward to leaving.

We went down to Hyde Park and went to the Serpentine to rent a row boat for a half hour. Having never rowed before, it was a a struggle to say the least, but I got the hang of it eventually. It wasn't really sunny out but nice enough that it was a good time.

From there we went and bought awesome Flakes and walked over to the Diana Memorial where we put our feet in the freezing water and pitter pattered.

We walked through the park to Buckingham Palace and then over to Westminster Abbey for the Evensong. I got yelled at twice for sneaking pictures, but I got a couple. The choir was great again, we sat up behind them which was cool and did the whole standing and sitting thing. Fancy.

From there we took the Tube back and met up with Kim, Heidi, and Annie to drop off Heidi's eye drops. It was nice to see everyone. Unfortunately Mary didn't do anything ridiculous in front of them to make them think she was crazy like I was hoping.

We went in a made dinner in the kitchen and Mary studied while I read Sherlock. Kim came over because she had to catch an early train down to the airport since she missed her flight yesterday and she hung out with us. We talked more about my funeral plans as well as how magnets have all sorts of untapped potential. Then we cam back to the room and talked about Italy and looked at hostels and such before she left at 4 am and we went to sleep.

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