Saturday, May 16, 2009


I went and got some more Nutella, bagels, and a baguette because we ate the entire jar in a day. Whoops.

We walked down to Hyde Park again, stopping along the way to get adapters a and went into Kensington Palace, from the 1600s but it was interesting to us because Diana lived there (Mary loves Diana). The place just seemed sorta old and not all that nice, and on top of that we didn't get to see where Diana lived. Fail.

We walked along the park and over to Harrods, which was fun. We obviously didn't buy anything but we had a good time looking around, especially with the foods.

From there we walked back to Marylebone and went to the Indian place that I couldn't find before. It was completely empty, maybe because it's hard to find. We ordered papado, and I had vegetable biryani while Mary had cheese nan and vegetable curry. It was really good.

It was pouring so we ended up staying in. I booked a hostel in Florence and did a lot of looking for Venice. We're planning on two nights in the train station/on the train, with one night in a Venice hostel and two in a Florence one. The trip will be 19 and 20 Venice, 21, 22, 23, Florence, 24 Milan and leave at night for London. I'm excited.

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